Intelligent Automation for Primary Care Clinics

Our AI-powered digital assistant automates workflows and enhances experiences for primary care clinics, reducing administrative burdens and allowing them to serve more patients—without needing to hire more staff!

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Automate administrative and clinical workflows

Deploy AI-powered digital assistants to quickly support patients, and simplify their clinical intake experiences with seamless Oscar EMR Integration.

Smart Scheduling

Streamline scheduling with the help of an AI-powered digital assistant

  • Automate front desk workflows for scheduling appointments and sending reminders
  • Pre-screen patients to clarify agendas, manage expectations, and accurately match them with the right provider
  • Delight providers with personalized booking rules that schedules patients according to provider preferences
  • Expand staff and provider capacity by reducing call volumes and optimizing schedules

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Smart Forms

Automate forms through a conversational experience that is simple and intuitive

  • Patients receive pre-visit questions to complete forms and automate medical history
  • Patient responses are securely auto populated into discrete fields and clinical documentation is prepared
  • Digital assistant performs workflows by clicking, typing, and navigating through the EMR
  • Workloads are significantly reduced and optimized for physicians and front line staff

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EMR Digital Assistant

Interact with an intelligent layer that is EMR agnostic

  • Reduce clicks with simplified EMR workflows
  • Engage patients securely to share files or book follow-up appointments without extra front staff work
  • Reduce documentation burdens with dictation tools and keyboard shortcuts
  • Drive efficiencies to save time and lower costs

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Drive operational efficiencies and strengthen patient engagement with werx

Challenging market forces and complex patient needs have forever changed the old ways of doing things. Today, repetitive administrative tasks take up more than 50% of the physician's time. This contributes to physician burnout, prevents them from focusing their full attention on patient needs, and costs the Canadian healthcare system over $52B in expenses each year.

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werx frees physicians to focus on relationships, not paperwork

werx helps alleviate this problem by automating workflows, allowing physicians to shift away from clerical work so they can better serve patients—all while reducing the overall cost of care. werx utilizes cutting-edge technology to free up physicians so they can focus their attention on connecting with the patient and understanding their needs.

This doesn’t just help physicians. It also improves the quality of care patients receive by giving them equitable access to health care and more time for necessary doctor-patient interaction.

We are transforming the face of healthcare in Canada—together

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